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Breakfast / Brunch, Sweets, Cold dishes

Start your day with a boosting breakfast from the highest point of Naxos Castle with a unfathomable view.

Try dishes with selected ingredients from organic farms and feel the Mediterranean gastronomy and the Naxian primary sector galore.

Take a break and enjoy our delicious menu at Avaton. Raw materials are being collected from small scale producers by the Avaton team and experienced chefs bring out their characteristics on your plate.

Try a Greek breakfast with emphasis on proper organic raw material and local recipes.

Avaton is a place where one can taste the gastronomy of Naxos. Avaton cooperates with a biodynamic farm, which sources the products that reach the visitor who seeks to experience the gastronomy of the island. You will also find traditional recipes of Naxos. Cheese, cold cuts, vegetables, herbs, spices, pickles, sauces and the famed Naxian Citron marmalade.

Our dishes are served in earthenware casserole from ceramic workshops made in Naxos and resemble the utensils which the nuns and students of the time had been eating. You can also taste traditional Naxian sweets, as well as, the dishes that were eaten by the Ursulines themselves.

Finally, you can enjoy your wine or your cocktail with side dishes and indulge yourself in the mystical combination of flavors on the island of Dionysos.

Our bread is freshly baked in a traditional oven exclusively for Avaton 1739. You can try the famous Naxian cheese and cold cuts, local meat and truffle oil but also a variety of vegetables and greens of Naxos.