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Historical background

Avaton 1739 is an ‘’All Day Café & Wine Bar’’ located on the roof of an Old Monastery, the Old Monastery of Ursulines and the School of Ursulines of Naxos. The stone walls of the Monastery surround the borders of the Venetian Castle built by Markos Sanoudos in 1207, founding the Duchy of Aegean on the island of Naxos. Venetian Sanoudos conquered 17 Aegean Islands and established himself on the largest island of the Cyclades.

In the building, many museum areas are hosted such as the old kitchen of the Ursulines as well as the Archaeological Museum of Naxos which is considered to be the second most important Archaeological Museum in Greece in terms of archaeological finds of Cycladic Culture.

The building bordering the Old Monastery of Ursulines is the Old Monastery of the Jesuits who settled on Naxos and later evolved into the School of Commerce where Nikos Kazantzakis, a Greek novelist, poet and playwright studied. He is considered to be one of the most important contemporary Greek literaries and the most translated literary abroad.

In the Old Monastery of the Ursulines School, young girls at the time had the opportunity to educate themselves and to carry out great charitable work. Only women were allowed in the Monastery; it was enclosed, an abbey- which is the exact meaning of the word “Avaton”.

The building is located a few meters away from the Catholic Church of Naxos and the Catholic Archdiocese. Access to the building is either from the elevator or the narrow alleys of the Castle which are worth exploring.

About Avaton

Avaton’s view is magnificent and one can admire the nearby villages of Naxos, the Port and the highest peak of the Cyclades, Mount Zas (1.001 meters).

The building of the Old Monastery itself constitutes a landmark and a pole of attraction for those who want to travel back in time and live a unique experience.

Wander in the alleys of the Venetian Castle of Naxos and enjoy your coffee, food or drink on the roof of the Old Monastery of Ursulines.

In our establishment, you will find decorative and aesthetic elements from the whole Monastery and it will be like traveling to another era where the Ursulines used to live.

At Avaton 1739 you can savour breakfast, brunch or Tapas to pair with your wine or coffee. Distinguished chefs, barmen and baristi work at Avaton to provide you with a very high level of gastronomy on the island.

Coffee At Avaton

Enjoy your coffee while taking in the unique view from the highest point of Naxos Town.
Avaton 1739 works with the promising coffee company Area 51 which selects exclusive Specialty Grade quality coffees.
Synergy and balance between the flavors and aromas of Area 51 coffee make our coffee a unique Specialty Coffee experience.
The company’s interaction with farmers from countries’ origin, the establishment of friendly relations and long-term collaborations is a way to benefit all those involved in the field of coffee.
We support models such as direct trade, fair trade etc. because we believe that they contribute to improving the lives of growers.
We often travel with the Area 51 team and try to bring back as much knowledge and stories as we can to share with you.
Enjoy the highest quality coffee you can have in Naxos.
At Avaton, distinguished baristi provide you many special and unique drinks with coffee such as cold brew, flat white and espresso with Tonic.

Avaton baristi put passion and love to prepare the most delicious coffee for you.

Avaton’s employees have the knowledge, expertise and willingness to clarify all the characteristics of coffee that make it so unique.

Coffee is served in clay cups and mugs which are exclusively produced for Avaton by a ceramic workshop based in a mountain village of Naxos. Ancient traditional utensils are also made there.

Besides an excellent coffee, here you will find fresh drinks such as Naxian herbal tea, homemade lemonade, sour cherry drink and fresh, energizing juices.
Perfect to quench your thirst after your walk in the Venetian Castle of Naxos.

Wine & Cocktails, Local Spirits

Naxos is deeply connected with Greek mythology. Zeus, Apollo, Dionysus and Ariadne, Demeter, Artemis and Poseidon were worshiped on the island. Zeus, the father of the gods, was born in Crete but grew up in Naxos, where its inhabitants worshiped him and gave his name, on the highest mountain of the island (Zeus or Zas). At the peak of Zas, an eagle carried to Zeus the thunder with the power of which he became ruler of Olympus. Zeus fell in love with Semeli, the daughter of the king of Thebes, who shortly after their union asked him to appear before her in all his magnificence. However, her mortal heart could not bear his glow and cooled down before she could give birth to the fetus she was pregnant with. Zeus took the fetus and sewed it on his thigh, from where Dionysus was born after a while in Naxos. The Nymphs Filia, Kleide and Koronis took over Dionysus’ upbringing, hiding him in the cave of Koronos, which it is called ‘’The Evil Cave’’. Ever since, the people of Naxos worshiped Dionysus who in his turn blessed their island with rich vineyards.

The God of wine and spree, Dionysus, was born and raised in Naxos. In Greek mythology it symbolizes mirth, joy, intoxication as well as the liberation of the mind and emotion.

At Avaton 1739 you can taste selected wines that will lead you to experience the Dionysian mystagogy. Drinking wine beside the walls of the 800-year-old Venetian Castle offers you the ultimate wine experience. Selected wines from Greek vineyards are stored in the Avaton 1739 cellar.
You can taste wines from Naxos but also from all the nearby Aegean Islands.
Ιn our cellar you will find rare labels from Greek vineyards even for the most demanding tastes of each visitor. You will be able to taste natural, organic and biodynamic wines from all over the Greece and experience flavors of Greek regional wines. Along with your wine, you can choose dishes made with local ingredients and experience the wine ecstasy of the followers of Dionysus combined with the gastronomy of Naxos.


At Avaton 1739 you can taste delicious cocktails and aperitifs starring the local fruit, citrus of Naxos. Enjoy your cocktail and be enchanted by the view of Naxos.

At Avaton you can participate in wine or cocktail tasting evenings in tandem with the famed Naxian cheese and cold cuts.

Avaton 1739 embraces a historical multi-purpose space that represents the gastronomy of Naxos and promotes Greek hospitality, providing high level services in the field of catering.

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